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About Adrian

Hello, my name is Adrian, and I am a drone, a reliable office worker dutifully sacrificing decades of my life helping others become wealthy while withering in a cubicle. Rarely complaining, I perform my tasks like the good little machine I appear to be on the outside. For as long as I can remember, many vibrant fantasy multiverses have flourished inside my mind. These multiverses keep me sane. They provide me with trustworthy friends and family who never abandon or … Continue reading “About Adrian”


After sixty years of self-imposed isolation, Alma is challenged with a series of increasingly awful events that propel her onto the public stage. There, she discovers major world powers have long understood more about the Gods than even the Gods know about themselves. Coerced into a partnership with a psychotic demigoddess and a duty-bound military General, Alma’s unconventional team races against time to prepare humankind for a confrontation they are nowhere near ready to face. This proves to be only … Continue reading “Home”