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Adrian M Leishman


Adrian was born November 30th, 1968 in a small, at the time, town east of San Francisco, California. When he was six, his family fell on hard financial times and moved to suburban Minneapolis. While his father worked multiple jobs to keep his family fed, they hopped around the Twin Cities metropolitan area for the next twelve years. They never living in the same place for long.

Uprooted at every important stage of his early development, finding and keeping friends was difficult. During his middle school years, the world was on the cusp of a global technological revolution, the introduction of personal computers. Attracted to their limitless potential, Adrian taught himself to write computer code by dissecting existing games, rewriting them, and making them better…in his personal opinion. Developing software became his drug of choice, and that addiction persists to this day.

Adult Years

In the nineteen-nighties, he married his high school girlfriend, and they began their family soon after. Minnesota winters took their toll on him and his wife, so they followed his retired parents to Jacksonville Florida and settled down just south of the city. There, he vowed to let his children grow up without the distress of abandoning friends that made his young life so miserable.

Starting in his teens, he dabbled with writing on and off, but never applied any serious focus to it. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic shook our world, and changed everything. His once vibrant office culture assumed a morbid, lonely darkness. Businesses faltered. Nothing felt stable anymore. It was in this chaos he, like thousands of others, wrote a book.

Still a software developer today, but mostly in the field of database design and performance, Adrian is a published author, an aging father, a dog owner, and a resourceful jack of all trades.

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