Ymir, in Norse mythology, is the primordial giant and the progenitor of all Jötnar (giants). Born from the icy realm of Niflheim and the fiery Muspelheim, Ymir’s body gave rise to the world. According to the myths, Odin and his brothers killed Ymir. They used his body to create the earth. His flesh became the land, his blood the seas, his bones the mountains, and his skull the sky. Ymir’s story embodies the Norse theme of creation through destruction.

Ascension, The Ymir Trinity


This is a catalog of my published and upcoming books. For the published books, click or tap on the image to view it in the Amazon store. Novel Ascension, The Ymir Trinity Book 1 of 2 Military Science Fiction FantasyThird Person, Past TensePart of the Ascension Multiverse(Content Warnings) Published: February, 2024 Novel Ascension, Sunna Rising […]

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Childhood Adrian was born November 30th, 1968 in a small, at the time, town east of San Francisco, California. When he was six, his family fell on hard financial times and moved to suburban Minneapolis. While his father worked multiple jobs to keep his family fed, they hopped around the Twin Cities metropolitan area for

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