The Trinity, in my books, refers to the three humans chosen by the Goddess Ymir to be her tools in the Anthropic Universe. They are Alma, Dawn, and David.

Content Warnings for Ascension, The Ymir Trinity

This book was written for emotionally mature audiences. These content warnings don’t mean this book is only for adults, because there are plenty of mature teens and far too many immature adults. It’s a book of fiction, of made up stories. It’s not real. The character, Dawn, is a psychopath with almost no empathy. She […]

Ascension, The Ymir Trinity


This is a catalog of my published and upcoming books. For the published books, click or tap on the image to view it in the Amazon store. Novel Ascension, The Ymir Trinity Book 1 of 2 Military Science Fiction FantasyThird Person, Past TensePart of the Ascension Multiverse(Content Warnings) Published: February, 2024 Novel Ascension, Sunna Rising

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