Content Warnings for Ascension, The Ymir Trinity

Content Warning for Ascension, The Ymir Trinity

This book was written for emotionally mature audiences. These content warnings don’t mean this book is only for adults, because there are plenty of mature teens and far too many immature adults. It’s a book of fiction, of made up stories. It’s not real.

The character, Dawn, is a psychopath with almost no empathy. She says and does some disturbing things. Many of these warnings revolve around her character.

  • Graphic and detailed cruelty to an insect.
  • Some scenes of extreme torture with imprisonment.
  • Suicide with a gun. Multiple military characters end their own lives instead of facing a slower death.
  • Homicide with a gun by way of point-blank assassination.
  • Lesbian relationship. There is a single, ongoing relationship between two female characters.
  • Insensitivity to overweight people. Dawn isn’t very nice.
  • Insensitivity to disabled people. Again, Dawn needs sensitivity training.
  • Some mild anti-religious comments. Two of the main characters have issues with all Abrahamic religions. A third character is a die-hard Christian.
  • Non descriptive nudity. Raven, a tertiary character, has no shame.
  • Non detailed sex scenes. People have sex. It’s why you exist. It’s never described in detail so you can unclench your pearls.

For more information on the confusing and unregulated world of Content and Trigger Warnings in novels, visit Book Trigger Warnings.

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