SuperStock Inc.

SuperStock, Inc.

Company: SuperStock, Inc.
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Industry: Online Stock Photography
Duties: VB.Net and C# developerDatabase Developer. Database Administrator.

SuperStock was a fun company to work for, until the Venture Capitalists took over. I have to be careful here because the VC in charge literally threatened to sue me for $600,000 when I (allegedly) hurt his (alleged) feelings. I still have the paperwork. His (alleged) lawyer was terrible (in my opinion) and easily manipulated (in my opinion). I hope that VC (alleged) guy fired his (alleged) loser lawyer.

Now, back to SuperStock pre-VC. My primary function at SuperStock was maintaining a high performance, replicated, database server. We had millions of stock photos and videos with tens of millions of search tags. It was my responsibility to ensure searches came back with relevant results, and in sub-second time.

There was a lot of older ASP code that needed to be upgraded to the new (at the time) Microsoft ASP.Net platform. My duties included rewriting and testing code as well as developing the system to tag photos. AI would have been nice and very helpful back then.

I worked at the company for three years with no issues… until the VCs reared their (allegedly) ugly heads. Bridge burned.

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