Microsoft C# (C-Sharp) is the most powerful high-level programming language I’ve ever used. It runs on Windows, Linux, and Apple operating systems, mike Java, but unlike Java, I actually like C# (C-Sharp).

Allstate Workplace Division

Company: Allstate Workplace DivisionLocation: Jacksonville, FLIndustry: Life InsuranceDuties: VB.Net, Visual Basic, and C# Developer, Database Developer. When I started here, it was called American Heritage Life Insurance. I guess Allstate bought them, but that transition is a blur. The programming department at this division was huge. There had to be almost twenty of us, and that was […]

SuperStock Inc.

SuperStock, Inc. Company: SuperStock, Inc.Location: Jacksonville, FLIndustry: Online Stock PhotographyDuties: VB.Net and C# developer. Database Developer. Database Administrator. SuperStock was a fun company to work for, until the Venture Capitalists took over. I have to be careful here because the VC in charge literally threatened to sue me for $600,000 when I (allegedly) hurt his (alleged) feelings.

Leonard’s Photography

Company: Leonard’s Photographic, Inc.Location: Saint Augustine, FLIndustry: Media and MarketingDuties: C# developer. Database Developer. Database Administrator. I worked at Leonard’s Photography, a family owned business, for about seven years. That was easily the longest job stint of my life. The company’s main focus is school and military photography… think Year Books. They create merchandise as

Microsoft C# (C-Sharp)

In the year 2000, I was forced to learn a new programming language, Microsoft C#, aka C-Sharp. As a decades long Basic and Visual Basic developer, abandoning something I put so much effort into was difficult. It didn’t take long for me to understand the immense power of this high-level programming language. Ordering machines to

Business Resume

My online business resume displays an overview of companies I’ve worked for and job descriptions I held for the past 25 years. They range from teaching network security to software development in Minnesota and Florida. Company Business Type Job Description Bridgeman EngineeringJacksonville, FL Website Development, Marketing, and Hosting Co-founderProject ManagerSenior Developer Leonard’s PhotographySaint Augustine, FL

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