Blogs are small tidbits of information I slap out that don’t need paragraphs of exhausting detail to explain.

Alma Ólafsdóttir

Name: Alma Ólafsdóttir Height: 180 cm Age: 84 (at the beginning of the book) Species: Human Hair: Ash-White Eyes: Gray Ability: Alma has absolute power over matter within the gravity of celestial bodies Ymir and other gods have given her influence over. Found in Books: Ascension, The Ymir Trinity. Ascension, Sunna Rising. Ascension, Origins. Alma […]

Allstate Workplace Division

Company: Allstate Workplace DivisionLocation: Jacksonville, FLIndustry: Life InsuranceDuties: VB.Net, Visual Basic, and C# Developer, Database Developer. When I started here, it was called American Heritage Life Insurance. I guess Allstate bought them, but that transition is a blur. The programming department at this division was huge. There had to be almost twenty of us, and that was

Dawn Rosemary Branagan

Name: DawnHeight: 162 cmAge: 19 (at the beginning of the book)Species: HumanHair: AuburnEyes: GreenAbility: She can hear the voice of Ymir and see images Ymir providesFound in books: Ascension, The Ymir Trinity. Ascension, Sunna Rising. Ascension, Origins. Dawn is a reoccurring main character in my Ascension novel/novella series. She is introduced in chapter 1 of


I’ve made a home in Jacksonville, Florida for more than twenty years. For a somewhat large city, it’s more of a sleepy town where everyone goes to bed around nine o’clock… or so it seems. From my home, I could walk to the Saint Johns River, and the Atlantic Ocean is less than a thirty-minute

Are Authors Competitors?

Yes, authors are competitors. Hmm… let’s think about this for a moment. The average reading time per capita (in America), per day, is 15 minutes, and this number is dropping every year. I will assume 5% of the US population reads, lol. This gives us about 17,000,000 readers, or 4,250,000 hours of reading per day.

BellSouth Corporation

Company: BellSouth CorporationLocation: Orange Park, FLIndustry: TelecommunicationsDuties: VB.Net. Database Developer. Database Administrator. Web Server Administrator. My stint at BellSouth didn’t last long, only two years. Looking back, it should have been obvious they were winding down their business. It was my first consulting job after moving to Florida, and I thought I hit the big time. For

Were are the men readers?

Since no one seems to have a definitive answer as to why men don’t read as much as they used to, I think I’ll throw in my two cents. No, it’s not television or movies… those things are absolutely terrible, especially lately. It’s not the internet, for the most part, or porn either. The most

SuperStock Inc.

SuperStock, Inc. Company: SuperStock, Inc.Location: Jacksonville, FLIndustry: Online Stock PhotographyDuties: VB.Net and C# developer. Database Developer. Database Administrator. SuperStock was a fun company to work for, until the Venture Capitalists took over. I have to be careful here because the VC in charge literally threatened to sue me for $600,000 when I (allegedly) hurt his (alleged) feelings.


The only way to make a living being an author in modern times is by pandering to the largest audience in your chosen genre. Do you want to make a living and be famous? Well, then you’re going to have to churn out books every few months, or pay huge social media influencers to claim

Leonard’s Photography

Company: Leonard’s Photographic, Inc.Location: Saint Augustine, FLIndustry: Media and MarketingDuties: C# developer. Database Developer. Database Administrator. I worked at Leonard’s Photography, a family owned business, for about seven years. That was easily the longest job stint of my life. The company’s main focus is school and military photography… think Year Books. They create merchandise as

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