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Ascension, The Ymir Trinity Novel
Ascension, The Ymir Trinity
Book 1 of 2

February, 2024

(Content Warnings)
Ascension, Sunna Rising Novel
Ascension, Sunna Rising
Book 2 of 2

November, 2024
Ascension, Origins Novella
Ascension, Origins

November, 2024

When issues are found in my writing, I often update both the eBook and paperback book content. If you purchase the eBook, Amazon Kindle has an unnecessarily complicated method for updating your copy for free. You’ll need to search that.

Books (Synopses)

Ascension, The Ymir Trinity

A clandestine American military project, created to stop the emergence of another hostile demigod, betrayed the world they swore to protect. Led by an Air Force General with his own secrets, they did the unthinkable. They negotiated a partnership with the most powerful being in the known universe, an unassuming demigoddess from Iceland named Alma.

Alma and her young eugenics obsessed American companion, Dawn, unwittingly plunged humanity into war after brutal war. With each hard-fought battle, human military and technological progress took a quantum leap forward.

Will humankind’s violence-accelerated evolution raise them to the level of the gods? Was this Ymir’s plan from the beginning?

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