Ascension Multiverse

Ascension Multiverse

The Ascension Multiverse asks, “What if nature was, herself, a God?” Imagine all the horrors that have befallen humankind, and Earth in general, were her intentional hand clumsily wiping away mistakes. Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, wars, famine, disease… these were necessary components to the evolutionary process.

She crafted humanity into her greatest creation, her masterpiece, but in doing so, she produced something impervious to her cold and brutal scalpel. At the peak of human intelligence, the species she created diverged into factions of the powerful, the builders, and the unproductive. Could a war cull the useless eaters, the parasites who do nothing but drain resources and encourage the powerful to focus on their immense wealth on the wrong things?

Somehow, over the eons, she cultivated an overwhelming empathy in her children. It was her undoing. Obsessed with protecting their weak, humanity regressed enough to allow the worthless among them to accumulate numbers that paralyzed the powerful into pandering to their demands.

Now, imagine there is a second sapient species, designed by another God, out there, one that was never poisoned with empathy that crippled their natural evolution.

This is the Ascension Multiverse I have created in my mind, and committed to documenting.

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