WIP or Work In Progress

WIP, Work in Progress

WIP is a standard acronym used by authors and artists to indicate a book, or work or art, is an ongoing project. It stands for Work in Progress, or Work in Process. It’s usually presented as a hashtag on social media sites (#WIP).

Me and my WIP(s)

Occasionally, I’ll post inane, rambling walls of text while working through any challenging issues or plot holes I encounter in my WIP(s). Screen barfing helps clear my brain, allowing it to realign and focus on what’s important.

Another issue that stalls progress on my WIP(s) is, rabbit hole research. I can burn days studying every minute detail of something. All that knowledge gathering has a habit of resulting in only a paragraph or two, or nothing at all.

You can check out my books page for a list of ongoing writing projects.

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