Natural Selection

Natural Selection explains how a species evolves over time. The idea is fairly simple: individuals within a species have variations, or differences, in their traits. Some of these traits give individuals a better chance to survive and reproduce in their environment. For example, a bird with a slightly longer beak might be better at getting food from hard-to-reach places.

Natural Selection

I chuckle through my nose and shake my head in a derisive manner whenever I encounter someone who claims to love Nature, but has a visceral hatred of Natural Selection. You know who you are, the ones who cheer for the underdog. The ones who believe the meek shall inherit the Earth. Nature is violent, […]

I’m not a normal writer

I’m an adequate writer, at best. My ideas are weird, not quirky like other people consider weird, like nihilistic, dark, unforgiving weird. Everything I write has a sturdy foot planted in the remorseless lottery of natural selection. You may think you’re a nature lover, but when you point at a pretty flower, my brain wonders

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