Natural Selection

I chuckle through my nose and shake my head in a derisive manner whenever I encounter someone who claims to love Nature, but has a visceral hatred of Natural Selection. You know who you are, the ones who cheer for the underdog. The ones who believe the meek shall inherit the Earth.

Nature is violent, cruel, and apathetic. Natural Selection, Nature’s most effective tool for evolution, will send a hurricane to decimate an island teaming with helpless colorful animals, or convince a heard of buffalo to abandon a crippled calf to hungry wolves and run. She has no feelings, no conscience, and if she did, the human species wouldn’t exist. This is the part where the pretend nihilists, dressed in all black, claim people shouldn’t exist, even though it would be very easy to end themselves… hypocrites.

Survival of the fittest has been Nature’s mantra for billions of years. Thanks to Natural Selection, humanity is her greatest achievement (on Earth). We are so powerful and intelligent that we no longer worry, on a species level, about her wrath. She can’t wipe us out, not with disease, disasters, other creatures, or famine. We have rendered her impotent. It’s too bad, because we’re showing real signs of regression, and she can’t fix it for us.

Some of you are so self-centered, so sure you’re better than Nature, that you stand atop your parents ottoman in their dark musty basement and shout, “EMPATHY should be the law of the land!” You forgot how your kind got here in the first place.

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